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These are a few Gymnasium assignments, from my last 3 years at the Gymnasium in The Hague 2001-2002. But these are not all assignments or book reports. Yet this collection is nice to keep so that I can show it here. The reader can see here what I had to do at secondary school. Unfortunately, I had not been allowed to take a national central exam in the graduation class. I had become sick of psychosis and had worse physical complaints, such as the consequences of 6 months of flat feet in growth. That winter in 2002 I got psychotic of the environmental signals and had to be admitted for 9 months because of psychosis. But one year later, after deregistration, he himself requested help from the open department of Duinland because of winter depression.

So I was suspended for the final exam. The coordinator felt that I could no longer stay at school. so therefore no final exam and I had to stay home. I started to focus more on music download and computer games. I was not transferred to a Hague Detention Center a few weeks later as a result of noise pollution. there I was locked up and beaten, but also robbed, from a new CD from the Roling Stones. I was assessed unfit for work by the UWV GAK, and that is why I received a Wajong Uitkering.

I had few social contacts at home. That is why I moved to De Stichting Anton Constandse on the Tasmanstraat 94 to expand my social contacts. I regret that I ended up in a completely different social world, in a certain problem world. In a problem area I find, because there is a lot of aggression and burglary here. Crime therefore, and in that I have to live together now. I therefore believe that my living situation has deteriorated, and I want to get away to a better place. But this depends on relative. If it gets better here, and the aggression and crime go down, I would like to stay. But not so.

I am thinking more of a rental apartment in a better neighborhood in The Hague. Somewhere where less similar problems exist. I have to organize my move myself.

My parents do not really help, as they had promised first, that I could not return home, plus no money for the rent. I now have to do and pay for everything myself, while my income has dropped by 20 percent over the last 2 years.

I think I'm going to work somewhere, to replenish the 20 percent. An income at 2 years old level, which I have lost again to supplement. My life does not get better, by staying here and always losing all kinds of crime and aggression and theft.

I just want to lose that annoying feeling. I want a better life.

So moving to a better neighborhood and if I can not maintain myself with this benefit myself, looking for work, that's what I want.

But what kind of work should I do and what qualitative work?

I do not have a college bachelor degree nor a college masters degree.

Will it be better then, now? That is what I wonder.

At this moment I am practicing with the Latin language, with the vocabulary program Vocabulary, and am in class 19b. I am trying this because I can learn all 26 lessons from a to c for a 10. The book was written through Nova.

Later, when this is completed, I continue with the book Pallas for the Vocabulary. And Pallas is for Ancient Greek. and these are 162 Pallas lessons from Ancient Greek. I have already downloaded the material from and started working on it.

1.I can be good general Dutch

2.I can be good Bulgarian

3. I can speak English well

4. I know basic Russian

5. I know basic French

6. I know basic German

7. I know basic Latin

8. I know basic Old Greek ά


NL book report Tom Clancy Hour Of Truth

NL book report Tom Clancy SSN

NL book report Timothy Gothon Ash The Stasi Dossier

NL book report Jan Wolkers Turkish Fruit

NL book report The Procedure (8) .doc

NL book report Fernir.doc

NL book report The Death Head Butterfly (7) .doc

NL book report The Death Lover compared to De Griezelbus (sufficient) .doc

NL book report Never Sleep again (7) .doc

NL report Organ Donation.doc

NL bookreport Aya Zikken- the Atlas butterfly

NL bookreport De Avonden 7.doc

For example, a proficiency session, in groups of two, with us for example on the theme Pim Fortuin in Dutch Politics.

NL boekverslag I Stamel IK Sterf (6) best version so far.doc

NL book report Wim Wennekes - Gouden Handel.txt I started the book report. I had read in the book, up to and including Suriname, Japan and Europe and answered questions from the assignments on the computer. I remember from this book that The European Domestic Trade in the Middle Ages was more profitable and important for the Netherlands than the foreign one. for example, trade transport across the Danube river. And